“The disposition to admire, and almost to worship, the rich and the powerful, and to despise, or, at least, to neglect persons of poor and mean condition is the great and most universal cause of the corruption of our moral sentiments.”

– Adam Smith, Economist


At Candelaria Law, we are dedicated to defending the employment and economic rights of hardworking New Mexicans. With a commitment to justice and equality, we represent clients in courts across New Mexico, tackling complex legal challenges and striving for favorable outcomes.

Why Candelaria Law?

As a proud BIPOC and Queer-owned law firm, Candelaria Law brings unique perspectives and specialized expertise to each case. Our team is highly skilled in handling employment discrimination and retaliation cases, advocating tirelessly for those who have been wronged based on race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, and perceived gender identity.

Our Areas of Practice

Candelaria Law specializes in a broad range of employment and worker rights areas, including:

  • Employment Discrimination Claims: We fight against discrimination in the workplace under the New Mexico Human Rights Act, ensuring that your voice is heard and your rights are protected.

  • Unlawful Workplace Retaliation Claims: If you’ve faced retaliation for standing up for your rights at work, we are here to support and defend you.

  • Wage and Hour/Overtime Claims: We ensure that employees receive the wages and overtime pay they are legally entitled to.

  • Unemployment Benefit Appeals: Our firm assists clients in navigating the complexities of unemployment benefits, ensuring they receive the support they need.

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Claims: We help employees assert their rights under FMLA, providing support in cases of denied leave or workplace discrimination related to family and medical leave.

  • State and Local Government Personnel Board Disciplinary Proceedings Defense: We represent government employees in disciplinary proceedings, offering robust defense and striving for just resolutions.

  • New Mexico Unfair Trade Practices Act Claims: Our firm stands against unfair business practices, protecting the rights of consumers and ensuring fair treatment under the law.

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New Mexico's law firm that puts people first

At Candelaria Law, we believe in creating a fair and equitable society where every individual can thrive without discrimination or injustice. Our commitment to our clients and our community drives us to pursue every case with passion, diligence, and an unwavering pursuit of justice.

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Los abogados hablan Español.

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