Celebrating Hiroshi Miyamura

We want to celebrate Asian-Pacific Heritage Month by recognizing the life and service of hero, and native New Mexican, Hiroshi Miyamura.   Born and raised in Gallup, Hiroshi volunteered to be part of the 100th Infantry Battalion, in 1945. After the end of WWII, he enlisted in the US Army Reserves and was recalled to active duty in 1950 at the start of the Korean War. For his acts of incredible valor in Korea, Hiroshi was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Eisenhower. He is a hero to the United States, and to our great state. As we celebrate Mr. Miyamura, we must also recognize the rise of discrimination and hate crimes against Asian-Americans in our community. His story has to remind us why the

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U.S. Supreme Court Rules Emotional Distress Damages Unavailable in Some Federal Civil Rights Cases

Have you or a loved one been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, in higher education, at a public accommodation, or by the Government? If so, you may be entitled to actual damages under anti-discrimination legislation. However, recent Supreme Court precedent has limited the types of damages available under certain federal civil rights laws, leading to confusion and uncertainty for many victims. One recent case, Cummings v Premier Rehab PLLC, saw the Court ruling that Plaintiffs making claims of unlawful discrimination under the federal Rehabilitation Act and Affordable Care Act could not recover damages for emotional distress. While the Court did allow for damages related to financial losses, it held that emotional distress damages were not covered by the statute. This holding may also

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Candidate’s criminal record may spark controversy over legal issues

Copyright © 2022 Albuquerque Journal SANTA FE – Originally published on July 22, 2022 By Dan Boyd / Journal Capitol Bureau Chief A Republican legislative candidate from Albuquerque could be blocked from taking office – if he’s elected in November – due to past felony burglary and larceny convictions. But the issue could end up playing out in court as a recent federal ruling found the New Mexico law that, in most cases, bars individuals with felony convictions from holding elected office might violate the state Constitution. Solomon Pena, who is the GOP nominee for the House District 14 seat in the South Valley, served nearly seven years in prison after being convicted in 2008 of stealing large amounts of goods from several big box retail

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